Funny Security Sign

funny security signAfter having my car burglarized in my own drive way, I got mad and went to the shooting range to let off a little steam.

I brought home my range target which happened to be a silhouette of a person and I thought, “I need to make a sign warning anyone else who wants to rip me off.”

So, I got to work on a new security sign for my front yard and you can see the out come of my genius mind. My new security sign which I have in my front yard just off to the side of my drive way, says, “Sorry we missed you!” “Stop by Again.”

I thought this was pretty darn good even if I had to say so myself, and by the reaction around the neighborhood I was right.

Not to let a good thing go unnoticed, I decided to make my sign available for others who like it also, so, I made a Cafe Press Store, featuring all my “Sorry We Missed You” items.

If you know anyone who is pro gun, likes gun humor, loves a good funny security sign, or just has a strange sense of humor like myself, go check out my Cafe Press Store for all the items now available with my security sign on it.

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Change Your Bank to Save Money

coinssmallerEverybody is trying to save money these days and it is not easy. One simple thing you can do is change you bank!

If you bank is charging you fees for everything you do there, including putting your money in; it is time to change your bank.

I use a credit union and have no fees for anything I do there. PLUS I also make 2% interest on the money I have in my checking account! How many people can say that any more?

Look around, don’t let you bank rob you blind. You can check online for the banks and credit unions in your area and check out what their fee schedule is. Save a couple dollars here and a couple dollars there can add up quickly.


How to Throw a Themed Party

themed party

Throwing a Themed Party takes a little time and some planning but, it is not all that hard.

I will show you right here a few steps that will make your effort a whole lot easier.  First I have found much of what you will need to throw a great Themed Party.

I have done much of the leg work for you and include many links to products you might like to have for your themed party.

If you are looking to throw a themed party for an adult, please check out my Adult Themed Party Ideas section.

Read on…. 10 Simple Steps to Throwing a Themed Party!

Money Tip – Pay More Than Minimum on Credit Cards

credit cardsIf you really want to get out of debt, you are going to have to start paying more on your credit cards than the minimum amount!

Start with your highest interest rate card and pay whatever you can on that card until you get it paid off.  Yes, this is going to hurt but, if you really want to get out of debt this is what needs to be done.

Try to pay a little over the minimum on each of the other cards you have also.

Negotiate with your credit cards to see if you can get lower interest rates on them.  If you find one card that will lower your interest rate considerably, consider transferring over the debt from your other cards.  You may also be able to work in a no fee transfer arrangement with this card, ask, it can’t hurt.

It may take you years to get your credit cards paid off, but, if you make a serious effort to payoff what you can afford, you will get to being free of debt once more.

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10 Steps to Planning Your Themed Party

themed party

 All themed parties are going to start with some basic steps you are going to want to follow to make your party an overwhelming success.

1) Come up with your theme. We have a HUGE list below that may help you pick the theme for your party

2) Create your lists… yes lists! Food to buy list, themed items list (napkins, plates, decorations, etc.), preparation list (what is your time frame for everything from planning to cooking), by making lists you will be sure to be organized and ready when it comes to the big party!

3) Create one more list – Your guest list Think about those people you want to invite and if they would be willing to get in to the occasion and really dress up. Have small items that go with your theme for those who choose not to dress up, like: Mardi Gras beads for the non dresser or maybe a hat that goes with your theme for the shy party goer.

4) Create your own invitations or purchase already made themed invitations

5) Create a budget. It is very easy to get carried away with creating the perfect themed party for your loved ones.

6) Gather themed materials you will using for your party. We have found many items you may want to use and will provide links for you later.

7) Pay attention to details check your lists, and check your lists again.

8) Keep the party flowing smoothly. You are in charge of keeping the kids busy, or making sure the adults are mingling. It is your job to hold the party together and make it a success. Hosting a party is a balancing act and you are the one they all expect to make it balance from start to finish.

9) Have a back up plan! If you are planning an outdoor party, what will you do if it rains? Plan for all worst case scenarios.

10) After the party. Did you plan for clean up? Will your guest help you? Should you hire someone to come in and clean up for you? Have plenty of large garbage bags on hand. Have a plan.

Read on….100’s of themes to pick from.

Have you ever thrown a themed party? What theme did you pick? Any advice you can share to someone doing a themed party for the first time? Thanks for any tips you can add.

100’s of Party Themes to Pick From

* 1920’s themed partybigstock_Young_Children_At_Party_Sittin_4637255
* 1930’s themed party
* 1940’s themed party
* 1950’s themed party
* 1960’s themed party
* 1970’s themed party
* 1980’s party
* 1990’s party
* 4th of July party
* 1st Birthday (see our 5 Hottest First Birthday themes)
* 30th Birthday themed party
* 50th Birthday themed party
* A Christmas Story (the movie) Themed party
* Abby Cadabby themed party
* African themed party
* African American Boy birthday party
* African American Girl birthday party
* Airplane Adventure Party
* Ali Baba themed party
* Alice in Wonderland themed party
* Alpine/Bavarian themed party
* American themed party
* Angry Birds Birthday Party
* Anime themed party
* Around the World themed party
* Art Deco themed party
* Asian themed party
* Atlantis themed party
* Australian themed party
* Avatar themed party
* Baby Shower themed party
* Bachelor themed party
* Bachelorette themed party
* Back to school themed party
* Bakugan themed party
* Bar/Bat Mitzvah themed party
* Barbie themed party
* Barn Dance party
* Barney themed party
* Barnyard themed party
* Baseball themed party
* Basketball themed party
* Batman themed party
* Beach themed party
* Beer Tasting party
* Ben 10 themed party
* # Birthday themed party
* Black and white themed party
* Blues Brothers themed party
* Boogie Nights themed party
* Bollywood themed party
* Bowling themed party
* Bridal shower party
* British themed party
* Busytown themed birthday party
* Buzz Lightyear themed party
* Cadillac Diner themed party
* Can-can French theme party
* Candy themed party
* Candy Land (the game) themed party
* Caribbean themed party
* Carnival themed party
* Cars (the movie) themed party
* Cartoon themed party
* Casino Themed Party
* Charlies Angles themed party
* Charlie Sheen themed party
* Cheerleader themed party
* Chinese themed party
* Chinese New Year themed party
* Christmas themed party
* Cinco de Mayo
* Cinderella themed party
* Circus themed party
* Classical elegance themed party
* Clifford the Big Red Dog themed party
* Colors themed party
* Construction Themed party
* Contemporary themed party
* Cowboy themed party (kids party)
* Cowgirl themed birthday party
* DC Comic themed party
* Dinosaur themed party
* Disco themed party
* Disney themed party
* Domo themed party
* Donald Trump party
* Donkey Kong themed party
* Dora the Explorer themed party
* Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday party
* Earth Day themed party
* Egyptian themed party
* Elvis Themed party
* Emmy Night themed party
* Fairies Themed Party
* Fairy Tale Friends party
* Fairy Tale Princess party
* Fancy Nancy themed party
* Fat Tuesday Themed Party
* Film legends themed party
* Fire and ice themed party
* First Communion themed party
* Food themed party
* Football themed party
* French themed party
* Garden themed party
* Gay Pride party
* Geek themed party
* GI Joe themed party
* Giraffe Themed birthday party
* Girls Night Out party
* Glee Themed Party
* God of War party
* Golf themed party
* Graduation themed party
* Grand Prix themed party
* Greek themed party
* Green Bay Packers Party
* Gypsy’s, tramps and thieves themed party
* Halloween themed party
* Halo themed party
* Hannah Montana themed party
* Harry Potter themed party
* Hawaiian themed party
* Heaven and Hell party
* Hello Kitty themed party
* High School Musical themed party
* Hip Hop themed party
* Hippie Chick themed party
* Hockey themed party
* Holiday themed party
* Hollywood themed party
* Horror themed party
* Horse racing themed party
* How to Train your Dragon party
* iCarly themed party
* Ice Cream themed party
* Indian themed party
* Indiana Jones themed party
* Irish themed party
* Ironman themed party
* Italian themed party
* James Bond party
* Japanese themed party
* Jazz and blues themed party
* Jersey themed party
* Jersey Shores themed party
* Jonas Brother party
* Jungle themed party
* Justin Bieber themed party
* Kentucky Derby themed party
* Ladybug themed party
* Las Vegas themed party
* Latin themed party
* Lego themed party
* Lil’ Prince 1st Birthday, themed party
* Lil’ Princess 1st Birthday, themed party
* Line Dance party
* Lion, Witch and Wardrobe party
* Little Mermaid party
* Littlest Pet Shop themed party
* London themed party
* Look Whoo’s 1 themed party
* Luau themed party

* Magic themed party
* Mardi Gras/New Orleans themed party
* Margaritaville themed party
* Marilyn Monroe party
* Mario themed birthday party
* Masked Ball party
* Masquerade themed party
* Medieval themed party
* Mediterranean themed party
* Mexican themed party
* Mickey Mouse themed party
* Milestone Birthday themed party
* Millenium themed party
* Minney’s 1st Birthday party
* Mickey’s 1st Birthday Party
* Mod Monkey themed party
* Monsters themed party
* Monster High themed party
* Monster Mania Birthday party
* Monte Carlo themed party
* Moroccan themed party
* Movie Night themed party
* Movie Star themed party
* Murder Mystery party
* Music themed party
* My Little Pony themed party
* Narnia themed party
* NASCAR themed party
* Nautical themed party
* Ni Hao, Kai-Lan
* Oktoberfest party
* Old Movie Night themed party
* Olivia the Pig themed party
* Orient Express themed party
* Oscar Night party
* Over the Hill themed party
* Pajama Party
* Parisian themed party
* Patriotic themed party
* Peace themed party
* Peter Pan themed party
* Phantom of the Opera themed party
* Pink Cowgirl themed party
* Pink Skulls (girl pirate) themed party
* Pirate themed party
* Pokemon themed party
* Pool themed party
* Pretty in Pink themed party
* Princess and the Frog themed party
* Prohibition/prison themed party
* Putting on the Ritz themed party
* Quinceaneras themed party
* Racing themed party
* Rainbow themed party
* Reggae themed party
* Retirement themed party
* Retro themed party
* Reunion themed party
* Roaring 20’s themed party
* Rock and Roll themed party
* Rock Climbing Party
* Rock Star themed party
* Rocky Horror Picture Show
* Roller Skating Party
* Roman themed party
* Rubber Duckie themed party
* Rugrats themed party
* Russian themed party
* Salsa themed party
* Scary themed party
* Scavenger Hunt themed party
* Scooby Doo themed party
* Scottish themed party
* Seaside themed party
* Sesame Beginnings themed party
* Shark themed party
* Skiing themed party
* Slumber Party
* Smiley Face themed party
* Sock Hop themed party
* Sock Monkey themed party
* Sound of Music themed party
* Space themed party
* Spanish themed party
* Spiderman themed party
* Spongebob Squarepants party
* Sporting heroes themed party
* St. Louis Cardinal Themed Party
* St. Patrick’s Day Party
* Stars in your eyes themed party
* Star Wars themed party
* Steampunk themed party
* Strawberry Shortcake themed party
* Super Hero themed party
* Super Mario Bros. themed party
* Surfer Themed party
* Survivor themed party
* Swimming Themed party
* Tattoo Themed Party
* Team Edward (Twilight) themed party
* Team Jacob (Twilight) party
* Teen Idol themed party
* Tennis themed party
* THE DOG themed party
* Titanic themed party
* Tinkerbell themed party
* Toga themed party
* Toy Story themed party
* Trailer Park/Trash themed party
* Underwater themed party
* Under the Sea themed party
* Vampire party
* Venice themed party
* Victorian themed party
* Volleyball themed party
* Voodoo themed party
* Wartime themed party
* Welcome Home themed party
* Welsh themed party
* Western themed party (adult party)
* Wild West themed party
* Wine Tasting themed party
* Winnie The Pooh themed party
* Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday Themed party
* Wii themed party
* Wizard of OZ themed party
* Wizards of Waverly themed party
* Wonder Pets themed party
* WWE Wrestling themed party
* Yo Gabba Gabba themed party
* Zebra themed party
* Zombie party

2nd Birthday party supplies

Themed Baby Showers

baby showerBaby showers are thrown for the expectant mother and baby to be.  Sometimes because of time frames, baby showers are thrown after the baby is born.  However you and whenever you choose to throw the baby shower is up to you, just know that baby showers have changed in the last decade.  Baby showers have really become very elaborate events, so much so that some people even hire party planners to make sure their Baby Shower is the best possible.

Baby showers are thrown usually by non-family members. But, in today’s times it is not strange to find family members,  church friends and pretty much anyone else throwing the expecting mother a baby shower.  The most important thing of course is that the baby and mommy get their day with a wonderful Baby Shower!



  • baby shower

    Ladybug Baby Shower

    What’s cuter than a bug? A Ladybug of course. Ladybugs make a great theme for your next Themed Baby Shower. Here you will find everything you need to throw…

  • baby shower

    Totally Fabulous Baby Shower Theme

    Know a woman who is totally fabulous, who deserves a Totally Fabulous Baby Shower? Of course you do, and we are going to make it easy for you to throw her a…

  • Diaper Cake

    Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

    A diaper cake is a wonderfully creative gift for any expectant mother. They are easy to make and can really show off your creative style, make it as simple or…

  • baby shower

    Stroller Fun Baby Shower

    This cute lime green themed Baby Shower works well for both a boy and a girl. Your mother to be will be over joyed with the fun and whimsical theme of the…

  • baby shower

    Parenthood Baby Shower

    Beautifully colored in purple and green make this Baby Shower Theme easy to do for both a boy and a girl. Being new parents can be celebrated easily with this…

  • baby shower

    Precious Moments Baby Girl Baby Shower

    There is nothing more precious than a new born child. So why not throw a baby shower that is just a precious? Throw the mother to be a Precious Moments Baby…

  • baby shower

    King of the Jungle Themed Baby Shower

    Throw a roaring good Baby Shower for the new little man. It will be easy to do with these King of the Jungle Themed Baby Shower party supplies. Everything…

  • baby shower

    Precious Moments Baby Boy Shower

    There is a new precious package coming for someone you know, why not throw them a Precious Moments Themed Baby Shower. Here you will find everything you need…

  • boy baby shower

    Tiny Toes Baby Boy Shower

    Ten little blue toes, what a fun idea for a Baby Shower! Is someone you know having a baby boy? This Tiny Toes Blue Baby Shower Theme is exactly what you need…

Reduce Wrinkles with Used Tea Bags

eye-openSave money by not paying for expensive wrinkle creams to get rid of those bags under your eyes.

Save your used green or herbal tea bags and put them in the refrigerator,  when they are cold,  lay one on both eyes and relax.   The extract  from the tea helps reduce the swelling under your eyes so you look healthier, which  makes you look younger.

Love to hear about your tips or tricks for reducing wrinkles.