10 Steps to Planning Your Themed Party

themed party

 All themed parties are going to start with some basic steps you are going to want to follow to make your party an overwhelming success.

1) Come up with your theme. We have a HUGE list below that may help you pick the theme for your party

2) Create your lists… yes lists! Food to buy list, themed items list (napkins, plates, decorations, etc.), preparation list (what is your time frame for everything from planning to cooking), by making lists you will be sure to be organized and ready when it comes to the big party!

3) Create one more list – Your guest list Think about those people you want to invite and if they would be willing to get in to the occasion and really dress up. Have small items that go with your theme for those who choose not to dress up, like: Mardi Gras beads for the non dresser or maybe a hat that goes with your theme for the shy party goer.

4) Create your own invitations or purchase already made themed invitations

5) Create a budget. It is very easy to get carried away with creating the perfect themed party for your loved ones.

6) Gather themed materials you will using for your party. We have found many items you may want to use and will provide links for you later.

7) Pay attention to details check your lists, and check your lists again.

8) Keep the party flowing smoothly. You are in charge of keeping the kids busy, or making sure the adults are mingling. It is your job to hold the party together and make it a success. Hosting a party is a balancing act and you are the one they all expect to make it balance from start to finish.

9) Have a back up plan! If you are planning an outdoor party, what will you do if it rains? Plan for all worst case scenarios.

10) After the party. Did you plan for clean up? Will your guest help you? Should you hire someone to come in and clean up for you? Have plenty of large garbage bags on hand. Have a plan.

Read on….100’s of themes to pick from.

Have you ever thrown a themed party? What theme did you pick? Any advice you can share to someone doing a themed party for the first time? Thanks for any tips you can add.

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