Funny Security Sign

funny security signAfter having my car burglarized in my own drive way, I got mad and went to the shooting range to let off a little steam.

I brought home my range target which happened to be a silhouette of a person and I thought, “I need to make a sign warning anyone else who wants to rip me off.”

So, I got to work on a new security sign for my front yard and you can see the out come of my genius mind. My new security sign which I have in my front yard just off to the side of my drive way, says, “Sorry we missed you!” “Stop by Again.”

I thought this was pretty darn good even if I had to say so myself, and by the reaction around the neighborhood I was right.

Not to let a good thing go unnoticed, I decided to make my sign available for others who like it also, so, I made a Cafe Press Store, featuring all my “Sorry We Missed You” items.

If you know anyone who is pro gun, likes gun humor, loves a good funny security sign, or just has a strange sense of humor like myself, go check out my Cafe Press Store for all the items now available with my security sign on it.

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