Creative Child Care for Work at Home Mom’s

child careIf you are a work at home mom (WAHM), you probably became one so you could spend more time with your children. However, there will most likely be times in your business when you will need to arrange for childcare. The following are some creative solutions to your childcare dilemmas.

If you just need an occasional sitter, try setting up a “child care group” with your friends and neighbors. Each woman can designate a time frame on a certain day of the week or month to be “the sitter”. Any of the Moms in your “child care group” who need a sitter that day can drop their kids of at the “designated sitter’s” house. The children will get to play and interact with one another and each Mom can get free childcare on an “as needed basis”.

Check with your place of worship as they may offer a “Mom’s Day Out” type of program where you can drop your children off for a few hours per day, a couple times per week. This may be a free or low-cost service. Also, check with local library as they may have “story hours” where you can drop your children off and the librarians will read the children a book and after the book is read, the children can participate in a craft, game or activity.

If you just need some “quiet time” to do some work, you can hire a neighborhood teenager to come over and play with the kids while you are tucked away in your office. You will have some uninterrupted “work time”, but will still be there in case ‘something comes up’. If you have regular meetings that take you away from the house, check with friends and family to see if they can help out by watching the kids. Offer your product or service in exchange for their time. They may jump on the offer!

And don’t feel guilty if you need to put your children in daycare part-time. Yes, you may have had every intention of working at home in order to spend time with your children, but, there may be times when your business will need your total focus. By taking that time and completing your business tasks, you will be able to focus 100% on your children during family time.

Do you have another creative way to find child care for your children, let us know, we all need the help sometimes!

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What Not to Outsource

outsourcingThe other day I talked about “Outsourcing” some of your work. When you’re growing a business and you have lots on your plate, some times it is advantageous for you to Outsource some of your work so that you can spend your valuable time on the crust of your business and let someone else handle the mundane daily activities.

Now, how about things you should “NOT” outsource, let’s look at that for at a minute;

You should not outsource your core competencies. Meaning, if you are a copywriter you should not outsource writing copy. Or at least not until you can afford to hire someone who writes as good as you do. You also shouldn’t outsource relationships with investors, deal making or setting the direction of your company.

Other than these four main things, your core competencies (ie. copy writing in this instance), investors, deal making, and direction, almost anything else can be outsourced. The 64 million dollar question is: “What is your time worth?”

Let’s just say that you value your time at $50 an hour. If that is the case, any time you can outsource a task for less than $50 an hour, you’re essentially “making money.” This of course also has to take in account that you are actually already making money. If you are not, then you might have to devalue your own work a little and say your time is worth a little less.

You can still outsource at a significantly reduced rate by using an outsourcing company like oDesk or Elance, where you tell them what you will pay for a job and people bid on it. I have had a lot of success with both these companies.

There are people out there in the world looking for work and they are willing to do it for a lot less than you think. Check them out.

Let us know if you have every used an outsourcing company or ever outsourced any of your work, we would love to hear about it.

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Outsourcing for the Work at Home Mom


It is tough being a work at home mom, raising kids, cleaning house, running errands and keep your home business running.

You might want to consider outsourcing some of your activities. If you find that you are spending too much time on responding to email, returning phone calls, or updating your website, hire a virtual assistant to do those tasks for you.

This will free your time up to work on your business, and by spending more time on the parts of your business that actually bring in money, you will be able to increase your profits.

I use oDesk for my outsourcing needs.  I love them.  Their platform is easy to use and they have thousands of people looking for work.  You can name the price you want to pay your virtual assistant and then people apply for the job you post.  I have never had a bid too low that someone capable was not willing to take a job I posted.

It really is easy hiring a virtual assistant, and had I known just how easy it was I would have done it years sooner. Finding a Virtual Assistant on oDesk will change you forever, trust me on this one. I could not live without mine and the other people I frequently use to do the jobs I do not want to do any more.

Go check out oDesk you won’t be sorry!

Have you ever outsourced work before? Do you use a service? Tell everyone if you have a tip to outsourcing or have a service you love.

Do We Have an Obesity Epidemic in America?

question markDo you think we have an obesity epidemic in America? If yes, what do you think is the main cause of so many people afflicted with Obesity? Is it the rise of the fast food nation or the fact that we spend so much time in front of the computer or playing video games?

Tell me what you think.

Help Your Child Avoid Obesity

childhood obesityAccording to the CDC 12.5 million children in America are considered obese.

As a parent what can you do to help make sure that your child does not become an obesity statistic?

Dietary Changes – What you eat has a direct impact on your weight. How much you eat does as well. Common changes include greatly reducing baked goods and processed foods, (anything that comes in a package). Replace them with lean protein, lots of fiber, fruits and vegetables.

The idea is to make lifestyle changes you can stick with. Dieting is a short term solution.  Teach your child good habits now and chances are it will stick with them into their adult years.

20 Minuets of Exercise Daily – Require your child to turn off the TV and computer and get out to exercise at least 20 minutes everyday. Unless they have a specific medical condition that prevents activity.  Get up and walk around the neighborhood with your child, it will be great bonding time.

Exercise does more than help burn fat. Exercise boosts your immune system. It helps increase your metabolism. It also gives you a mood boost. You will start your child on a life long routine that will help them stay active and physically fit.

Get More Sleep– Sleeping allows the body and mind to both get rest. It also renews the energy in the body so we can be productive, energetic, happy people. Most experts agree that school aged children need 8-10 hours of sleep a night.  I personally always went with the high end for my kids, and made them get 10 hours of sleep, I don’t think a growing child can have enough sleep.

Keeping our children from becoming a statistic on obesity should be every parents concern and goal.  Starting as early as possible to teach them how to be healthy will go a long way to making them healthy adults too.

Obesity, How Common is It?

obesityThe numbers are scary! One in three adults is said to be obese in the United States today but that is not as frightening as the stats for our children.

The latest numbers say that one in four children is now considered obese and, that number is rising fast! According to the Surgeon Generals office obesity rates have doubled over the last 10 years. Annually 300,000 people die from obesity related conditions.

Read here on what you can do to help your child not become a statistic.

Money Tip – Don’t Shop When Hungry!

ShoppingYou have heard it before, but, if you really are serious about saving some money this year, this is something you absolutely have to do.  When you go to the store hungry you are more likely to make impulse buys and get off track of what you really went to the store for.

Also, always make a list of what you need at the store and do not buy anything that is not on the list unless it is an absolute must have.  If something is not on the list make a trip up and down a few isles evaluating if you really need it.  If after several isles and some serious thought about it, you still need the item, then by all means get it.

Saving money takes some willpower, so does shopping when you are hungry, so, avoid the need for willpower when shopping and eat before you go.