Themed Baby Showers

baby showerBaby showers are thrown for the expectant mother and baby to be.  Sometimes because of time frames, baby showers are thrown after the baby is born.  However you and whenever you choose to throw the baby shower is up to you, just know that baby showers have changed in the last decade.  Baby showers have really become very elaborate events, so much so that some people even hire party planners to make sure their Baby Shower is the best possible.

Baby showers are thrown usually by non-family members. But, in today’s times it is not strange to find family members,  church friends and pretty much anyone else throwing the expecting mother a baby shower.  The most important thing of course is that the baby and mommy get their day with a wonderful Baby Shower!



  • baby shower

    Ladybug Baby Shower

    What’s cuter than a bug? A Ladybug of course. Ladybugs make a great theme for your next Themed Baby Shower. Here you will find everything you need to throw…

  • baby shower

    Totally Fabulous Baby Shower Theme

    Know a woman who is totally fabulous, who deserves a Totally Fabulous Baby Shower? Of course you do, and we are going to make it easy for you to throw her a…

  • Diaper Cake

    Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

    A diaper cake is a wonderfully creative gift for any expectant mother. They are easy to make and can really show off your creative style, make it as simple or…

  • baby shower

    Stroller Fun Baby Shower

    This cute lime green themed Baby Shower works well for both a boy and a girl. Your mother to be will be over joyed with the fun and whimsical theme of the…

  • baby shower

    Parenthood Baby Shower

    Beautifully colored in purple and green make this Baby Shower Theme easy to do for both a boy and a girl. Being new parents can be celebrated easily with this…

  • baby shower

    Precious Moments Baby Girl Baby Shower

    There is nothing more precious than a new born child. So why not throw a baby shower that is just a precious? Throw the mother to be a Precious Moments Baby…

  • baby shower

    King of the Jungle Themed Baby Shower

    Throw a roaring good Baby Shower for the new little man. It will be easy to do with these King of the Jungle Themed Baby Shower party supplies. Everything…

  • baby shower

    Precious Moments Baby Boy Shower

    There is a new precious package coming for someone you know, why not throw them a Precious Moments Themed Baby Shower. Here you will find everything you need…

  • boy baby shower

    Tiny Toes Baby Boy Shower

    Ten little blue toes, what a fun idea for a Baby Shower! Is someone you know having a baby boy? This Tiny Toes Blue Baby Shower Theme is exactly what you need…

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